HINMICO Final review meeting

The HINMICO project is near to end. The final Review Meeting was held in the European Comission (Covent Garden Building) at September 19th 2016, with the  special atendant of the Poject Officer German Esteban -Muniz.



HINMICO special session at 4M conference 2016

The conference was held on 13--15th of Septamber 2016 at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU),Lingby


HINMICO special session at 4M/IWMF conference 2016

The main conference programme takes place from 13th - 15th September 2016 at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby.

HINMICO in the Polymer replication on Nanoscale International Conference


May 2016

Publication: High throughput polymer micro-replication quality assurance using 3D optical high-speed metrology

Objetives of the project PDF Print E-mail

 Specifically the goals of HINMICO are to develop:

A) Fast and precise µ-replication-assembly processes with new tooling concepts/designs for processing high quality miniaturised multi-material parts and to fabricate:

  • 3D multi-material µ-components (sensing actuator, dental implant …) using advanced materials/ sub-components with improved interface designs between them, by µ-Injection Moulding with sub-mm resolution.

B) High-throughput process chain by the integration of the above mentioned µ-replication-assembly and back-end processes for product finishing or a complementary activation step, to fabricate multi-material functional devices:

  • Integrated processes based on Micro-replication (over-moulding, in-mould assembly, packaging) utilising modules of e.g.: coating, laser welding, laser direct structuring... ,with the goal to perform the necessary steps for obtaining finished products or provide functionality to m-devices, such as conductive coatings or functionalized packaging;
  • High speed and precision handling system for delicate µ-parts (components and sub-components) which covers the core of the integrated processes chain, including the feeding and accurate allocation in mould of in-lay parts (parts/inserts to be over-moulded/assembled/packaged) and the placement of the injected multi-material components on the next stages within the process chain.

C) Global process chains with increased reliability (50%) and fabrication of high quality products.

  • This requires on-line process monitoring and innovative on-line process inspection solutions.

D) High added value µ-devices with advanced functionalities:

  • The integration of high accuracy replication of multi-material functionalized components and back-end processes for additional functionalities will enable the introduction and combination of properties like enhanced bio-compatibility with drug delivery, conductivity with non-conductive, etc,…the possibilities of the high-throughput integrated technologies for the production of multi-material functional µ-components will be validated through 5 industrial demonstrators in 3 different sectors (health, communications, automotive).